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About Us

Fun has a different meaning for each one of us – for some, it’s chatting with new people, for some, its watching videos or keeping up with sports scores and for others, its sharing their latest clicks.

We often have-to download multiple apps to make our version of fun happen. BUDFIE endeavours to change that Forever. It lets you choose from chats, trends, sports, films, shows, adventure, games and much more to create your personal fun style and your BUDFIE.

So it’s Always Fun, Your Way.

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Chill Zone

  • Mood swings are a thing of the past with our chill zone, which promises to keep you in good spirits,always.You can create your own Chill Zone with jokes, games, videos, trends, blogs or just use the moodometer.
  • Angry with a boss ? Play Warfie and take out all your frustration.
  • Want to keep up with the latest. Try Budfie Trending
  • And become a star with Clickfie – our signature section. All you have to do is upload your best clicks- videos or pictures and check out where you stand on the leader-board.

Hang Out

  • BUDFIE recommended HOT EVENT: Can’t miss these… for anything.
  • We cover your hangout whether weekdays or weekends with options of live shows, stand ups, parties and adventure weekends.
  • Keep updated with scores always, whether cricket, soccer or tennis. Just book-mark, so you never miss a ball.
  • Blockbusters– we have all the videos, regarding the stars, trailers and when it’s hitting a theatre near you.
Hang Out
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Chit Chat

  • With our vibrant chat, cute stickers and emojis – you can chat with:
  • Your Friend List
  • Budfie recommended interest buddies – meeting like-minded new people all the time
  • Create groups, Upload pictures and send audio messages real easy!
  • And our chats have special Greetings:
  • Bored of sending the regular happy birthday message which gets lost on the walls? Choose from our colourful, customized, animated range of greetings for all fun occasions and always be remembered by posting them on social pages, over chats or mail.

My Reminders

  • Imagine a magic wand which not only allows you to set reminders for yourself, but anyone you want. So, they don’t get late or don’t forget to pay the bill, buy the groceries. Our reminders section does just that for all your friends and family who grant you access. Everyone can be part be part of the fun now.
My Reminders
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My Events

  • Create events for yourself and invite friends and family or chat with them in group chat before freezing the plan.
  • We also have daily fortune-cookie, hatke stickers, thematic calendars and much more waiting to add fun to every step of your Life.
  • So Play On…


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