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is an innovative Medical Billing, Practice Management & Consulting Company that is dedicated to providing your practice with the latest reimbursement strategies, information and services with the highest level of the industry. The organization was born out of the frustrations of physicians trying to balance patient care with the ever-increasing confusions and pressures of managing a practice. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we accomplish this by consistently listening to our clients in order to meet all their requirements.

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Staying up-to-date with the latest legal requirements participating in billing seminar; Over 15 years medical billing experience for a wide range of insurance companies.

Services tailored to your needs

PracticeMed Solutions specializes in successfully meeting the unique challenges faced by independent healthcare providers by assessing the distinctive characteristics of each practice and structuring our services accordingly.
Whether you choose to use the professional services of PracticeMed Solutions Inc. on a limited basis, or extensively, we are there to assist you in meeting your goals, on your timetable, in a manner that reflects your style, and at a reasonable cost that agrees with your budget.

Follow Through

While other medical billing services make only a few attempts to collect receivables, PracticeMed Solutions will make every attempt to collect payment from insurance companies. The word “No” is never accepted.

Why US?

Using PracticeMed solutions will reduce your administrative costs and paper work allowing you more time to focus on your patients.
Practicemed Solutions can provide you state-of-the-art expertise in electronic claims processing without the need for you to spend additional money on overhead.

Our Services

We are justifiably proud of our competitive fee structure for the customized, quality services that we consistently deliver. We offer the practical services that you need to make your practice successful and profitable.
PracticeMed solutions provides complete confidentiality and security about your account. The peace of mind that this gives you is priceless.


President & CEO:


Joanna Moreland

Joanna Moreland, a native of Venezuela is a dedicated and versatile professional. Joanna is a former accountant, medical billing instructor, and respected consultant for recognized medical billing universities. She realized the need for specialized billing and consulting services offered to private medical practices that truly create Value, Reduce Costs, and Achieve True Payment Solutions. Her formal education it is from Zulia University with a master’s degree in Public Accounting. Has over 15 years of progressive reimbursement management, accounting, medical billing, coding, office and clinic management experience.


Our mission is to maximize practice revenue, providing the most advanced and complete billing services by specializing in denied claims and reimbursement management.


Our vision is to provide high quality billing management services, resulting in a long term business partnership.


Long term partnership with our employees, suppliers and clients, placing integrity and honesty above all else; creating value for clients and delivering quality; maintaining positive environment, where we enjoy working; being accountable and taking responsibility for what we do; treating each other fairly and with mutual respect.
  • When it comes to results, i under promise and over deliver. At Praticemed solutions  it´s  all about client satisfaction and exceeding  expectations
    Joanna Moreland
    President & CEO
  • the greatest reward is when a client thanks you for improving their practice financial performance, it means we have acomplished our goal
    Hayde Barragan
    Operational Manager


No New Billing Software Required

We work on your billing software. We will adopt seamlessly with your existing software or electronic medical record and practice management system and replicate your processes. Our medical billing teams are expert and are well versed with most often used billing systems or software


Our Social Responsability

We contribute to create a future better than today. With the awareness of our social responsibility, we work for increasing the quality of social life.
Practice Med Solutions contributes to social welfare and the life quality of individuals specially of children. The company, performing special projects for education, science at the social dimension of sustainability for all segments of the society. we consider that the continuous support and contribution to culture and science it is an indispensable tool for the principle of paying back to the society.
The ECOLAB conducted by ECOLUCIONES VENEZUELA are among the social responsibility projects that the company will continuing for long years.